Basic House Shuffle Tutorial

Once you pick up the basics of shuffling it’s all about the freestyle.

Until then, check out these tutorials so you can get to grips with the basic steps involved in Shuffling and start figuring out how to develop your own style!

Ton Mazzone on Youtube uploaded these two excellent videos below – on learning the basic shuffling moves. As they say, a picture tells 1000 words and a video consists of thousands of pictures. This tutorial is suitable for absolute novices and great for dancers who are looking to transition into house shuffle.

This style is known as ‘Smoothstyle’ house shuffle – it is much softer than the more powerful Melbourne shuffle which was born in the 80s.

Make sure you have the correct surface, socks and/or shoes before you begin. I’ll be writing an article covering that in the coming weeks.

The moves explained in part 2 took me about a week to get down. Keep practising and you’ll pick it up soon enough.

How to Shuffle Part 1.

How to Shuffle Part 2.

So that’s it! Hope it helps.