Cutting shapes – Junction 13

One of the best ways to progress your shuffling is to watch other people cut shapes – to get an idea of some advanced movements and see how fluid and spontaneous the moves are when you’re good.

Found this sick video on Youtube by Simon Boles¬†who is very good at smooth style house shuffling. By the looks of the video description it seems that it’s going to be featured in the music video for a new track that’s about to drop.

He’s got the arm movements down just as good as the footwork itself, and the floor presence is next level.

Definitely recommend checking out his channel or following him on Twitter (linked his name above).

Here’s a direct link to the track ‘Stay United’ used in the above video. Sick.

We’ll hopefully be featuring more of his videos in future and can’t wait to see what’s in store from Simon in the house shuffling scene next.